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Class of 2012

list to the class 2012 before they left St Cronan’s N.S.

School Mural

Our New Look

Discipline for Learning

It is hoped to introduce Discipline for Learning into our school in the year ahead. It is a system based on positive reinforcement of good behaviours and minimisation of attention to bad behaviours.

An Information Evening for Parents on Tuesday 11th September 2012 @ 7.30pm.

Facilitator: Mr Brendan McCabe

Enrolment for September 2013

St. Cronan’s N.S., Rosemount  is a co-educational and multi-denominational school. We have places available in all classrooms for September 2013. Please contact us by phoning the office @ 0505 21636 and leave a message or fill out the form below.

Notification of Intention to Apply Form


This is not an application form and does not form part of the selection process. The school will make a record of parents wishing to enrol their child/ren for no other purposes than being in a position to post out application forms at the appropriate time.


Name of child: ______________________________________


Date of birth of child: ___________________________________


Mother’s name _____________________

Father’s name: ______________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________


Home telephone no: _________________  Mobile no: ___________________________


E-mail address ___________________________________________


Requested date of entry to St. Cronan’s National School, Rosemount: ___________________


  • I/We wish to give our intention to apply for enrolment in respect of __________________________  (child’s name)  to St. Cronan’s National School, Rosemount for the school year _________________ in accordance with the foregoing information.
  • I/We understand that this notification places our child on a list of those requiring enrolment for the stated year.
  • I/We understand that this notification does not offer any preferment to our child and does not guarantee a place for him/her either for the year requested or for any other year.
  • I/We understand that it is our responsibility to communicate to the school any change in our correspondence address or telephone number.
  • I/We request that St. Cronan’s National School, Rosemount, contact us when enrolment forms are available.


Signed: ______________________________




Date: _________________________________

This form will be retained in accordance with our Data Retention Policy.