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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Warming up before Aviva National Mini Rugby Festival

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Aviva Mini Rugby Festival

This gallery contains 86 photos.

IMG_3790 (Small) IMG_3789 (Small) IMG_3788 (Small) IMG_3784 IMG_3783 (Small) IMG_3772 (Small) IMG_3777 (Small) IMG_3782 (Small) IMG_3765 (Small) IMG_3766 (Small) IMG_3767 (Small) IMG_3760 (Small) IMG_3758 (Small) IMG_3757 (Small) IMG_3743 (Small) IMG_3744 (Small) IMG_3749 (Small) IMG_3742 (Small) IMG_3741 (Small) IMG_3740 (Small) IMG_3737 (Small) IMG_3738 (Small) IMG_3739 (Small) IMG_3729 (Small) IMG_3735 (Small) IMG_3736 (Small) IMG_3727 (Small) IMG_3726 (Small) IMG_3725 (Small) IMG_3720 (Small) IMG_3724 (Small) IMG_3719 (Small) IMG_3708 (Small) IMG_3713 (Small) IMG_3714 (Small) IMG_3703 (Small) IMG_3702 (Small) IMG_3701 (Small) IMG_3698 (Small) IMG_3699 (Small) IMG_3697 (Small) IMG_3696 (Small) IMG_3695 (Small) IMG_3683 (Small) IMG_3684 (Small) IMG_3694 (Small) IMG_3659 (Small) IMG_3662 (Small) IMG_3682 (Small) IMG_3658 (Small) IMG_3653 (Small) IMG_3652 (Small) IMG_3794 IMG_3792Walking in the footsteps of our heroes

If you have photographs from the day please email  a copy to cron.ias@eircom.net and we will put them on our website. Thanks to all players, coaches and parents who travelled with us and to the staff of the Aviva and IRFU.

Check out the action from the day at this link

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IMG_3720 (Small) IMG_3644 (Small) IMG_3662 (Small) IMG_3672 (Small) IMG_3673 (Small) IMG_3676 (Small) IMG_3677 (Small) IMG_3680 (Small) IMG_3687 (Small) IMG_3691 (Small) IMG_3695 (Small) IMG_3698 (Small) IMG_3699 (Small) IMG_3702 (Small) IMG_3703 (Small) IMG_3704 (Small) IMG_3705 (Small) IMG_3708 (Small) IMG_3718 (Small)

Villiers Interschools Sports Day

DSCF4948 (Small) DSCF4949 (Small) DSCF4952 (Small) DSCF4916 (Small) DSCF4917 (Small) DSCF4918 (Small) DSCF4921 (Small) DSCF4925 (Small) DSCF4927 (Small) DSCF4928 (Small) DSCF4929 (Small) DSCF4930 (Small) DSCF4931 (Small) DSCF4932 (Small) DSCF4933 (Small) DSCF4934 (Small) DSCF4935 (Small) DSCF4936 (Small) DSCF4937 (Small) DSCF4938 (Small) DSCF4939 (Small) DSCF4941 (Small) DSCF4942 (Small) DSCF4943 (Small) DSCF4944 (Small) DSCF4945 (Small) DSCF4946 (Small) DSCF4947 (Small)

Leinster Schools’ Cup

Thanks to Robert Dempsey for coaching rugby during April/May and bringing the Cup won by the Cistercian College, Roscrea.

DSCF4914 (Small) DSCF4853 (Small) DSCF4854 (Small) DSCF4855 (Small) DSCF4857 (Small) DSCF4859 (Small) DSCF4860 (Small) DSCF4861 (Small) DSCF4862 (Small) DSCF4863 (Small) DSCF4864 (Small) DSCF4865 (Small) DSCF4866 (Small) DSCF4867 (Small) DSCF4868 (Small) DSCF4869 (Small) DSCF4870 (Small) DSCF4871 (Small) DSCF4872 (Small) DSCF4873 (Small) DSCF4874 (Small) DSCF4875 (Small) DSCF4876 (Small) DSCF4877 (Small) DSCF4878 (Small) DSCF4879 (Small) DSCF4880 (Small) DSCF4882 (Small) DSCF4884 (Small) DSCF4887 (Small) DSCF4890 (Small) DSCF4891 (Small) DSCF4892 (Small) DSCF4893 (Small) DSCF4894 (Small) DSCF4895 (Small) DSCF4897 (Small) DSCF4898 (Small) DSCF4899 (Small) DSCF4900 (Small) DSCF4901 (Small)

DSCF4903 (Small) DSCF4904 (Small) DSCF4905 (Small) DSCF4906 (Small) DSCF4907 (Small) DSCF4908 (Small) DSCF4909 (Small) DSCF4910 (Small) DSCF4911 (Small) DSCF4902 (Small)


DSCF5031 (Small) DSCF5015 (Small) DSCF5018 (Small) DSCF5020 (Small) DSCF5023 (Small) DSCF5028 (Small) DSCF5030 (Small)

Congratulations Hollie

Congratulations to Hollie who won a Scholarship to Kilkenny College. A great achievement.

Dates for this Term

School Closed

  • Monday 1st June 

Infant School Tour 10th June

1st -6th Class School Tour 11th June

End of Year Service Friday 12th June @ 7:30pm

Summer Holidays Thursday 25th June


Thanks to Robert Dempsey who has just completed four weeks coaching Tag Rugby. He also brought in the Leinster Schools Cup won recently by the Cistercian College.