Scoilbhliain nua: Fáilte!

Welcome or welcome back to St Cronan’s National School. We hope you have enjoyed your summer break. We extend a very special welcome to all our new pupils and indeed their parents/guardians and we hope that you enjoy your time with us.


Teaching Staff   2015  2016


  • Ms Hogan: Junior and Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd
  • Mrs Powell – 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th
  • Ms Slattery  – Resource Teacher
  • Ms Morrissey- Learning Support Mon/Wed 1.00pm -2.40pm


Ms Slattery continues to cover for Ms Talbot


School Hours


Please note the following:


9.05 a.m.   School opens for the reception of pupils.

Children are not permitted to enter school grounds until 9.05am.    Please do not leave children to wait outside the school prior to 9.05a.m.


9.20 a.m. Classes commence for all pupils.  All children should be seated and ready to begin work and have all belongings needed for the day with them including their lunch.


Please ensure your child is in school on time as Late arrival is discourteous to others and disruptive to  the  work of the school.


11.00a.m.-11.15a.m.  Break
12.30p.m-12.55p.m    Lunch Break
1.45 p.m.                     Junior and Senior Infants go home
2.45 p.m.                     Classes end for 1st –6th classes.
Collecting Infants @ 1.45p.m.

Parents of the Junior and Senior Infants are requested to collect their children promptly from the front door at 1.45pm.

Junior Infants only– 31st August -4th September – will finish school at 12.30pm.


The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for pupils on the premises outside the official hours of 9.05a.m. and 2.55p.m.


Board of Management

Mr Jackie McNair, ‎Chaplain / Religious Education Teacher at Villiers School, Limerick has been appointed by Bishop Kenneth to take over as Chairperson of the Board of Management from Mr Mike Pearson who has stepped down as Chairperson, due to an increased workload at Gurteen College. His term of office would have ended in November when a new Board will be elected. Bishop Kenneth and Mr McNair will visit the school in September and meet with Parents and Board Members. The next Board of Management meeting will be held in September.



During the year we post photographs or details of upcoming events on our website, please check regularly.


School Policies

Organisational and Curricular Policies are available to view in the school office and on our website. Copies of ratified policies attached to this newsletter are;

  • Homework Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Anti Bullying Policy

Please read other important school polices online at


Parental Contact Numbers

It is very important that we have up- to-date home and work telephone numbers so that we are able to contact parents speedily.  The Information sheet is very important. Please fill in all appropriate information, to enable us to update our database, and sign all permission slips.


Child Protection

Each child’s welfare is of utmost importance, as stated in our school ethos. To safeguard all children the directives of the Child Protection Act are complied with. Ms Hogan is our Designated Liason Person


Administration of Medication

Please let us know..

  • if your child has any long term medical problems and advise the teacher how to cope with any signs of illness.
  • if your child is allergic to any material or substances.
  • if your child suffers from any long term health conditions.


If a child requires medication to treat a symptom of illness such as high temperature/ headache etc, then that child should see a doctor. We advise that children, who are unwell, are kept at home. Invariably, those who are ill or unwell coming to school will have to be sent home during the day. Infection always spreads very quickly in classrooms.


Teachers will not administer medication for short-term illnesses. The school must be notified immediately of any infectious illnesses – e.g.: chickenpox, measles, whooping cough, scabies, impetigo or conjunctivitis.


Your child’s hair should also be checked regularly for head lice and the school informed immediately if your child has headlice.



In line with current legislation ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS must provide the school with written explanations in the back of Homework Journal as to why pupils are absent.

If a pupil is absent in excess of 20 days in a school year, the National Education Welfare Board must be informed by the school.


Permission to leave school during school hours

Parents must seek permission from teachers and collect their child from the classroom, if they wish their children to leave the school before 2.45p.m.


Travel Arrangements

At the commencement of the school year, the teachers must be made aware of the travel arrangements you have made for your children. Teachers must be kept informed as to who will usually collect your child.  If they are to be collected by any other person, other than parents/guardians or a person nominated by parents, a note is required explaining the alternative arrangements. All notes should be dated, contain a short explanation and be signed by a parent or guardian. Parents whose children walk home need to submit a letter in writing to the Board giving their permission.



School Uniform

The sweatshirt and polo shirt are available from Ms Kathleen Wallace. Other items may be purchased at Tesco, Dunnes, etc. Please ensure all coats /sweatshirts /footwear are named, to avoid confusion.


Healthy Eating Policy


To promote healthy eating habits the following are not permitted

  • Fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets and chewing gum


Pupils are encouraged to eat/drink:

  • Sandwiches/rolls/crackers (with healthy fillings)
  • Salads/fruits
  • Yogurts/cheeses
  • Water/milk/fruit juices

Should pupils bring any prohibited foods/drinks they will not be allowed to have them until home time.



Homework will supplement and re-inforce topics covered in school. It is most important that parents are involved in the school/home learning process. We urge parents to make sure their children read their books every night, to enhance their literacy & fluency skills. It is vital parents play an active part in our reading programme.  Homework assignments should be checked daily and homework diaries should be signed daily for pupils in all classes. Please read homework policy attached. If you are unable to comply with our policy please state this in writing.


School Books Rental Scheme 2014-2015

Thank you to all parents/guardians who paid the Book Rental Charge in advance as requested. Textbooks must be kept clean. Damaged or missing textbooks must be replaced. All stationery for Junior Infants to 6th classes is included in this price.


School Calendar

The 2015-2016 Calendar was distributed. This indicates the days the school be closed. Please retain for reference, as you will only be notified of exceptional closings during the year.



A wide range of activities

Pupils at St Cronan’s are very fortunate in having opportunities to engage in a wide range of learning activities. Learning to swim, playing soccer, tennis, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, yoga or learning French all contribute to the child’s development, social skills and self esteem. These do incur an extra cost and we appreciate the support from our Parents Association who covered the cost of Tennis, Hockey and Rugby. When a cost incurs it is €2 per week

As in all aspects of the child’s learning and development, you can play a key role in fostering his/her interest and enthusiasm. It’s also good to remember that our aim should be to encourage participation and enjoyment rather than perfection.


P.E. Activities 2014-2015

Soccer will commence for all classes during the month of September and October. The charge is €2 per week. Soccer lasts for 8 weeks. Total cost €16 per child. This year Ms Sylvia Gee will coach on Thursdays. Pupils must wear runners for PE. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing including a light jacket as all PE activities are outdoors.



Other Events

Ms Suzy Delahunt is currently specialising in Yoga in Education and as part of her training she will be carrying out six weeks work experience in our school on Tuesday mornings. Class groups will have 30 minutes with Suzy.

6th Class will host a Coffee Morning on Wednesday 30th September in aid of North Tipperary Hospice. Details later.

George Blackwell hopes to start hockey on Friday after school during this term, I have received a number of name of children who are interested. If your child is interested please let me know.


Parents are very generous in giving their own time. We hope to continue working with parents on Friday afternoons please let us know if you are interested in sharing your talents. If you are interested In compliance with good practice all parents who wish to help out must be Garda Vetted. Please find form attached for new parents. .If you wish to help out complete this form and return to the school office as soon as possible.


Parents’ Association

All parents are automatically members of the school’s Parents’ Association which exists to support the work of the school and to foster good links between parents, teachers and the school’s Board of Management. We would encourage all parents/ guardians to attend Parents’ Association meetings. Ms Gillian Hastings is the Chairperson of the Parents’ Association Committee. They will hold an AGM in November.



Notices and Reminders

  • Please fill in the attached Information sheets and return to the school as soon as possible.
  • Each family will receive notices from time to
  • time. Please check school bags frequently

for notices


School Self Evaluation


“Let us cultivate our gardens” – Voltaire


A national programme of School Self Evaluation was introduced in 2012 by the Department of Education and Skills. Each school now has a responsibility to evaluate their performance and develop key areas of the curriculum each year.

After consultation, through questionnaires to staff, students and parents, St. Cronan’s N.S., Rosemount will be prioritising the following areas of literacy and numeracy development for 2015-2016:



  • Developing our comprehension strategies to assist us with understanding the given text.



  • Increase opportunities for pupils to engage with mental maths lessons.
  • Increase opportunities for pupils and parents to engage in Problem Solving in relation to the number strand.


January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year and many thanks to all, who gave generous gifts to all staff.

Resource Teacher:

We are delighted to welcome Ms. Marie Bourke to our school.



Hockey after school on Friday 15th January.



Rugby continues for January with pupils in the Senior Room.



Yoga will begin on Thursdays for all pupils for 6 weeks.


Homework Club:

Homework Club continues Tuesday and Thursdays. Contact Mrs. McLoughlin for more information.


Board of Management Members:

November 2015 – November 2019

Jackie McNair, Gillian Kingston, Sheila Bohan, Gillian Ryan, Ann Powell, Jennifer Hogan, Ken Connors, Mervyn Stanley


Peace Proms

Rehearsal 9th February in The Hub, Kilkenny

Concert 5th March at 2pm


Friday Projects

Parents interested in Friday Project, such as knitting, crotchet, cross stitch, arts & craft, woodwork, please contact a member of staff.


Mid-term Break:

School closed Thursday 18th & Friday 19th February.


St. Patrick’s Day:

School closed Thursday 17th March.


Easter Holidays:

Last day of term: Wednesday 16th March. School re-opens Monday 4th April.