Chocolate World

Come inside, it’s a sight to behold

How about a once in a lifetime opportunity

Oh, chocolate rivers, toffee chairs,

Candy books, icing creature’s lairs.

Oh! you can meet gingerbread friend

Little bon-bon trees, tweeting as you pass

And lollipop trees, isn’t this a blast

Treats all day if you live here with me

Epic times and memories here, I share this land with my family!




For every push, there’s a pull

For every prop, there’s a back

For every scrum, there’s a lineout

For every pass, there’s a tackle

For every knock on, there’s a knock back

For every kick for goal, there’s a kick for touch

For every ruck, there’s open play

For every blindside run, there’s an open side run

For every time you swear at someone on the pitch,  you talk to someone in the dressing room

For every win, there’s a loss.



For every pencil, there is a pen,

For every rooster, there is a hen,

For everyone who’s happy, someone is sad,

For everyone who is sane, someone is mad.

For every flower, there is a weed,

For every mouth that’s full, there is one to feed,

For everything that’s black, something is white,

For every day there is a night.

For everyone healthy, someone is ill,

For every survivor, someone is killed

For every woman, there is a man,

For everyone who’s sunburnt , someone is tanned.

These are all opposites and can you see,

For every you there is a me.