Leinster Schools’ Cup

Thanks to Robert Dempsey for coaching rugby during April/May and bringing the Cup won by the Cistercian College, Roscrea.

DSCF4914 (Small) DSCF4853 (Small) DSCF4854 (Small) DSCF4855 (Small) DSCF4857 (Small) DSCF4859 (Small) DSCF4860 (Small) DSCF4861 (Small) DSCF4862 (Small) DSCF4863 (Small) DSCF4864 (Small) DSCF4865 (Small) DSCF4866 (Small) DSCF4867 (Small) DSCF4868 (Small) DSCF4869 (Small) DSCF4870 (Small) DSCF4871 (Small) DSCF4872 (Small) DSCF4873 (Small) DSCF4874 (Small) DSCF4875 (Small) DSCF4876 (Small) DSCF4877 (Small) DSCF4878 (Small) DSCF4879 (Small) DSCF4880 (Small) DSCF4882 (Small) DSCF4884 (Small) DSCF4887 (Small) DSCF4890 (Small) DSCF4891 (Small) DSCF4892 (Small) DSCF4893 (Small) DSCF4894 (Small) DSCF4895 (Small) DSCF4897 (Small) DSCF4898 (Small) DSCF4899 (Small) DSCF4900 (Small) DSCF4901 (Small)

DSCF4903 (Small) DSCF4904 (Small) DSCF4905 (Small) DSCF4906 (Small) DSCF4907 (Small) DSCF4908 (Small) DSCF4909 (Small) DSCF4910 (Small) DSCF4911 (Small) DSCF4902 (Small)