Maths Week October 2016 Number Poems

We wrote poems based on numbers

Ice Cream

Ice Cream 1 got eaten by Emma Dunne,

Ice Cream 2 fell on my shoe,

Ice Cream 3 fell on my Knee,

Ice Cream 4 I wanted more,

Ice Cream 5 I managed to stay alive,

Ice Cream 6 I would rather have pick + mix,

Ice Cream 7 I can’t wait to 11,

Ice Cream 8 I lost count of how many I ate,

Ice Cream 9 this ice cream is all mine,

Ice Cream 10 I gave it to Ben,

Ice Cream 11 [see number 7],

Ice Cream 12 there is no more on the shelf.



1,2 Buckle my shoe

3,4 Bang on the door,

5,6 I played tops kiks

7,8 I lost a plate,

9,10 I met a boy called Ben

11,12 I bought a shelf

13,14 I read a magazine


Number Poem

Person one was lots of fun,

Person two had to buckle my shoe,

Person three is climbing a tree,

Person four is knocking on the door.


Person five owns a bee hive,

Person six has lots to fix,

Person seven is nearly eleven,

Person eight is always late.


Person nine has a fine,

Person ten is called Ken,

Person eleven is seven,

Person twelve sits on the shelf.


And as for me I’m pretty much free!