Family 200km Challenge

Congratulations to one family who completed a 200km challenge while staying within their 2km Limit

Our Family 200Km Lockdown Cycle/Run Challenge

(Staying within our  2km  of our home)

My dad is doing a lot of running because he is running in the New York Marathon in November.  He was looking online and saw a family running and cycling event and he signed us up for it.

All the family took part; Dad, Mum, Eoin, Daire and Emily.  At the start we said we would do it for 5 days.  It is 2 km to the end of the road by our house so 4km down and back.  Over 5 days that was going to be 100km, 50km running and 50km cycling.

The weather was great all week and we did our challenge in the evening when everyone was finished work and the weather was cooler.  We all enjoyed it and timed ourselves each day to give ourselves a challenge.  Our fastest time was 21 minutes and our slowest was 24 minutes.

We did it for a few extra days and in the end we did 200 km.  Dad did most of the running and we did a lot of extra cycling.  For the 7 days I ran 10km and I cycled 30km.  We all felt very fit at the end and can’t wait to get our medals in the next few weeks for completing the challenge.200 km Challenge